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Chicago Amputation Injuries Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered from an amputation injury, you may find your entire life changing quickly without any warning. Amputation injuries are devastating because they can be so debilitating physically and mentally. The loss of a limb goes beyond just being able to use that body part, but extends into the emotional fear of being considered “weird” or unattractive by our appearance-oriented society. Although a Chicago accident attorney cannot help you undo the devastating loss you have experienced, we can help you claim the compensation you deserve for your suffering if the accident was caused by the recklessness or carelessness of another person.

Amputations can often be very expensive because the victim may need to obtain special prosthetics and undergo long-term physical therapy to learn to deal with the loss. This is on top of any medical expenses that arose from the initial surgery and the lost wages the victim will experience while undergoing treatment and therapy. In many cases, the victim may also need to learn new skills and get a new career that can be better adapted to their new circumstances. These factors make amputation injuries very difficult to deal with, particularly when you are not financially prepared for such an event. By contacting a Chicago accident lawyer and filing a lawsuit against the person responsible for your suffering, you are ensuring that your family is not victimized a second time by trying to deal with these massive expenses on your own.

Amputations are usually only undertaken if there is no way to save a body part after it has become unattached or has suffered from a serious injury. The side effects of limb loss are major and often include long-term pain, phantom limb syndrome, nerve damage, infections and more. Your Chicago accident attorney can help you claim damages for any of these negative effects, as well as allow you to receive compensation for your decreased mobility, reduced quality of life and disfigurement.

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