Illinois Injury Lawyer

Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian is hit by a car every seven minutes. In almost all cases, the driver is responsible for these accidents. If, while walking, you or a loved one were hurt or killed by a careless or negligent driver, please contact a skilled Chicago accident attorney from the Law Offices of Your Chicago Accident Attorney.

Unfortunately, when while walking, pedestrians have no protection from vehicles, which means accidents can result in devastating consequences. Victims of these types of crashes can experience road rash, spinal cord damage, broken bones, head trauma, coma and death. Hospital bills related to these serious maladies add up quickly, which is why a Illinois accident lawyer is so crucial to accident victims.

At our offices, our lawyers are experienced at ensuring clients receive the maximum compensation they deserve. Your Chicago pedestrian accidents attorney will work with your doctors to understand the short term and long term costs of treating the injury. We will then add in other expenses like lost wages for your time spent away from work, lost quality of life after any crippling injuries have impacted your ability to enjoy your favorite activities, and damages for the emotional suffering you and your family have been going through during this difficult time. We will originally work directly with the insurance company to claim your compensation, but if they refuse to offer you the fair settlement you deserve, we will not hesitate to bring the matter to court. We will not stop working for you until you are awarded the compensation you need to resume your pre-accident life as best you can.

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in an accident, please contact a Chicago accident lawyer from Your Chicago Accident Attorney as soon as possible. The earlier you contact us, the earlier we can start working on your case.