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Bike Accidents

Millions of people throughout the U.S. enjoy cycling on a regular basis. It is a healthy, relaxing and rejuvenating form of exercise, but it can, unfortunately, also be rather dangerous. Automobiles are the worst danger faced by cyclists, no matter how cautious the biker. If you are struck by a car while cycling, you do have legal options available. Call a Chicago bike accident attorney from The Law Offices of Your Chicago Accident Attorney today.

At least 90% of car accidents involving cyclists are caused by the driver. Even if you are not sure who is responsible for the accident, it is still advisable to discuss the situation with your Chicago accident lawyer. The most common reason for these accidents is drivers entering intersections without checking for cyclists first.

When you file an accident lawsuit in the state of Illinois, you will not only be gathering compensation to cover your lost wages and medical expenses, you will also be sending a message to other drivers to pay more attention while they are on the road. In many cases where the driver was being reckless or dangerous while driving, your Chicago accident attorney may be able to claim punitive damages, which will send an even stronger message to the driver of the vehicle.

The medical expenses related to these devastating accidents can be massive. Many riders who are hit by cars experience broken bones, road rash, spinal damage, traumatic brain injuries and more. Your Chicago accident lawyer can help you ensure that you receive the top-quality care for your injuries so you can work through them the fastest and most effective way possible.

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